You’re About To Lose Your Job To A Robot And Here’s Why

#13 Underwater Exploration



Exploration is an instinctual urge that almost all humans have, and robots have enabled mankind to explore beyond our wildest imaginations.  The deep sea ocean floors are being thoroughly scouted by robots that can dive deeper and longer than any human possibly could. They also have a wide-range of equipment including sensors and high-definition cameras that allow them to capture images of newly discovered marine life.

#12 Medical Services


The jobs of surgeons and doctor’s have been made much easier with the use of robots and technology. Robot-assisted surgery might have once sounded like a term out of a science fiction movie, but it’s now a reality. These devices allow for less invasive surgeries with more precision and less blood loss and pain for the patient.

#11 Cleaning Ducts


Robots help society in ways that boggle the mind, but the less glamorous ways don’t often earn much publicity. For example, duct cleaning isn’t commonly thought of as an important topic for our generation. It can actually be quite a dangerous job, though, since harmful chemicals and hazardous materials found in ducts can harm humans. That’s why duct-cleaning robots are being used in hospitals and government buildings to explore ducts and clean out anything hazardous.

#10 Crime Fighting


Some technology isn’t readily available yet but it soon will be. Remote-controlled robots in the police force are being utilized minimally currently, but their ability to scan buildings and pinpoint enemy locations before police officers even enter a building will be extremely useful. It’s only a matter of time before every police force utilizes these robots.

#9 Massage Therapy


Massage therapy has become a much more widely utilized service as the years have passed. It’s common place for people to get a massage at a spa or from a clinic, but it’s becoming increasingly common for people to choose an automated massage chair over an actual person. As technology continues to advance it’s likely that these devices will become even more effective and more commonly used.