This Young Boy Is Literally Turning Into Stone, And There Is Nothing Doctors Can Do!

7. This Odd Condition Spread Across His Entire Body

The hard lumps began to appear on Jaiden’s back, hips, and legs. The next slide reveals the seriousness of this young boy’s rare condition!

6. Jaiden’s Condition Confined Him To A Wheelchair

Jaiden informed Natalie and Tim Rogers that he was unable to walk anymore, and he was forced to get around in a wheelchair. Jaiden’s parents were shocked when doctors informed them of their son’s grave diagnosis.

5. The Young Boy Suffers From Stiff Skin Syndrome

Stiff skin syndrome is a rare condition that causes the skin to harden to the point of little to no joint movement. “It’s kind of outrageous-sounding when you say a boy turning to stone. People can’t get that through their mind,” Natalie Rogers stated.

The doctors’ approach to helping the young boy in slide #3 is unbelievable!

4. This Condition Is Extremely Rare — And Doctors Have No Real Answers

There are only 40 other people diagnosed with stiff skin syndrome worldwide, and there is no cure for the disease at this time. Even so, doctors have come up with a solution to help the boy stay as comfortable as possible.

3. One Treatment Can Slow Down The Disease’s Progression

Although doctors can not cure Jaiden, they have started giving him chemotherapy treatments to slow the progression of the disease. The skin that is already affected cannot be repaired, but doctors are hopeful that “this treatment helps prevent the spread of it and holds it in its tracks.”

Despite it all, slide #1 shows that Jaiden is just an ordinary kid.