You’ll Never Believe What Was Found in This Deserted Underground Shack



Recently on the internet, there has been a ton of interest and buzz for urban exploration. This is when people will travel to deserted and abandoned location and either take pictures and/or film their journey and post it online, where others love to read it. Normally it is places like old homes or buildings, but the subjects of this article had their sights set on a deserted shack. The shed was located in the middle of the woods, but they had no idea what they would find inside the shack and had no idea how much it would change their lives.

#15 Meet Lana Sator


Lana Sator is a Russian blogger and explorer. She was called upon her friend to go out in the woods and search through the deserted shack. While she and her friend felt like brave explorers, nothing would prepare themselves for what they would see in the shack on their journey.

#14 A Very Large Hole


Her friend had told her that the shack was built over a giant hole in the wall. However, he didn’t mention that the hole was extremely deep and even had a ladder that led down into it. Being an explorer at heart, Lana knew she had to check it out without a doubt. But what she found in the shack will shock you…

#13 The Shed Was Seemingly Abandoned


The place where the shed was located was seemingly abandoned, as it was fairly in the middle of nowhere. It was located out in the area of Russia right by the Finnish border, called the Republic of Karelia. This area is sparsely populated and thus there are not many people nearby.

#12 She Was No Stranger to This


And while this deep dark hole in the shed would scare some people, not Lana. She has a lot of experience in dealing with dark and frightening places. She has traveled all over Russia as an urban explorer and visited a number of strange places, so this was right up her alley.

#11 Temptation


According to her popular blog, Lana had only planned to make a short pit stop at her friends’ cabin in Karelia, as she thought there would be more fun things to explore elsewhere. But once she saw the abandoned mine shaft, she couldn’t resist spending more time and checking it out.