You’ll Never Believe What This Farmer Discovered On His Land

FeaturedAnimalEverything that has ever existed on our planet remains here, whether it’s buried thousands of feet below the ground or it’s decomposed into its surrounding environment. Either way, our world is full of history just waiting to be discovered. Every day someone is still making at least some sort of new discovery, no matter how small. Every once in a while, however, some people make huge discoveries that can change the way we view the Earth as we know it. This is a rare occasion, but it is fascinating. That holds true for one farmer who was just walking around his property one day when he made an incredible discovery. Click through to see what this Argentinian man found on his property!

#18 It Was Just A Normal Day

001--18-it-was-just-a-normal-day-267713Jose Antonio Nieva was just walking around his property one day, just like many other days. He owned a large amount of land, so it was common for him to bring his dog along for walks to patrol the area and search for anything out of the ordinary. Most days were normal, but today was very different.

#17 Jose Found Something Incredible

002--17-jose-found-something-incredible-267760Jose saw a large figure partially buried in the mud that wildly confused him. At first, he was a little scared. What could this strange object be? An alien egg? A monster cave? Or just a normal rock? Jose knew, however, that there was something extraordinary about this particular object, and he was excited to find out what it could be.

#16 He’s From Argentina

003--16-he-s-from-argentina-267762Jose lives in an Argentinian suburb, Carlos Spegazzini, which is pretty close to Buenos Aires. Around this area is mostly farmers who own massive amounts of land. Nothing out of the ordinary really happens in this area, so finding such a discovery was definitely a monumental moment for the people of the suburb. But what exactly did he discover?

#15 What He Discovered Was Insane

004--15-what-he-discovered-was-insane-267764The way that the object was so perfectly preserved was a little startling to Jose. He was a little to scared to approach it himself, so he had his dog go and investigate. The dog seemed to be just as apprehensive, but he wasn’t too scared to get close and get a sniff. Jose still thought it best to do something else before he took it upon himself to explore.

#14 He Called Authorities

005--14-he-called-authorities-267766Jose decided the best thing to do first was to call the local authorities to come and check it out. What if there was a body hidden underneath? Or massive amounts of drugs or money? It was best in his eyes to enlist in some police help in order to stay safe. But even the authorities were baffled as to what it might be, so they had a different plan.