You Won’t Believe What This Woman Gave Birth To



Pregnancy and having a child can be one of the most sacred things a family might go through. Many Americans dream of having a family of their own, and having children as part of their future. Bethani and Tim Webb were just like any other typical American family and had the same dreams and hopes of many other Americans. But their story isn’t a typical nuclear family story. what they experienced this year is something that very few people will ever go through. Click through to see the unique experiences they had when they decided to start their family.

The Webbs Were Just A Typical Family

1473112659647-1-1473098740556Tim and Bethani Webb were like many normal people. They met each other, fell in love, and decided to get married. They had dreams and hopes of starting a family of their own, just like many newlyweds. But they had no idea what was going to come of that family, a little quicker than expected.

Got Pregnant Quickly

1473112660364-2-1473100483040-mediumThe Webbs wanted to wait a little bit after their marriage to start a family. They had hopes of waiting at least a year after the wedding to start having children. But to their surprise, they quickly became pregnant not too long after getting hitched. They didn’t mind, though, as they wanted to have children, and decided to do things a little sooner would be all right.

Got Unexpected News At The Doctor’s

1473112660589-3-1473101187269-mediumOnce they made it to the doctor’s, they got a lot more than what they expected. A lot of times parents, especially first-time parents, simply hope to just have a happy baby and a healthy pregnancy. This was really the only news the couple was expecting, however, the ultrasound revealed much more than that.

Any Multiple Births In The Family?

1473112660735-4-1473101213043Their first clue that something different was happening this pregnancy was when the ultrasound technician asked if they have any history of multiple births in the family, but having more than one baby wasn’t a common thing for either family. this made what they found out next all the more extraordinary.