You Won’t Believe What This Arizona Man Found In His Backyard


Moving into a new house is an exciting time. You get to pick out new furniture, paint and decorate the yard to entertain. But for some people, a backyard might mean that you actually have a small piece of land full of surprises! That was definitely the case for John Simms, an Arizona man who was unexpectedly met with a backyard surprise after purchasing his home within this past year. Backyards are for BBQs, pools, and overall enjoyable outdoor activities. Instead, John found himself with a secret mystery he never expected. Click through to see what incredible mystery John uncovered in the backyard of his Arizona home.

#18 John Thought There Might Be Something

001--18-john-thought-there-might-be-somethin-266236When John first purchased his new Arizona home, he thought that there might be something hidden in his backyard. There had been rumors of something mysterious back there, which is partially why he chose to buy the house in the first place. He was an adventurous guy curious to explore. Soon he would learn that there was something hidden back there…