You Won’t Believe What The Cast Of Willy Wonka Looks Like Now


Willy Wonka has got to be one of the greatest films of all times. Although it came out in the early 70s, it’s clear that it has remained an important film that children of all ages have had the pleasure of seeing. As kids, we longed for the chance to visit such a factory, though one never even existed. It was a hard movie to watch without having a big bowl of candy within an arms reach. It’s clear now that we know how important the movie remains. One thing we don’t know is what happened to the cast of our beloved film? Click through to see where the cast members are now!

#18 RIP Gene

001--18-rip-gene-326503If you don’t already know, the beloved Willy Wonka has recently passed away. Gene Wilder was amazing in his role as Willy Wonk and charmed audiences all over the world as the character. He had an extremely successful career as an actor and political activist. This next fact about the cutest grandpa in any movie will certainly break your heart…