You Won’t Believe These 12 Private Jets Owned By Celebrities

FeaturedPlaneEven when it comes to celebrities, there are different “classes.” While there is no doubting all celebrities are more well known and have more cash than they average person, there are different levels when it comes to their wealth and how much they make. While some celebrities make millions and might always fly first class, some make billions and have their own private jets. But even some people who aren’t billionaires have amazing jets. No matter what their wealth, here are 12 private jets owned by some mega rich celebrities. You simply won’t believe how lavish these jets are – especially number 5…

#12 Jay-Z

001--12-jay-z-474522Jay-Z is one-half of the most powerful couple in music with his wife, Beyonce. Together, the have won a ton of awards, sold hundreds of millions of records and have a net worth of over a billion dollars. In fact, they are so rich that Beyonce actually got Jay-Z a Bombardier Challenger 850 as a Father’s Day gift.

#11 John Travolta

002--11-john-travolta-474524Not only does John Travolta have one private plane, he has 7 of them. He even went as far as building customized runways for his plane at his home. He is such an aviation nut that he actually is a qualified pilot. Check out the 5th entry for another actor who owns a ton of planes.

#10 Oprah Winfrey

003--10-oprah-winfrey-474695Oprah Winfrey is an absolute mogul in the media industry and is one of the richest women on the planet. She has made her money in entertainment and can now entertain up to 10 people in her Bombardier Global Express private jet that she purchased a while back. In total, it cost her about $42 million.

#9 Steven Spielberg

004--9-steven-spielberg-474722Like Oprah, Spielberg also is the owner of a Global Express. The world famous director chose this plan as it is one of the best for those with hectic schedules. This plan can fly for up to 16 hours without the need for refueling Our next entry might just be the next President of the USA.

#8 Donald Trump

005--8-donald-trump-bb044e2e67fbad4619ed6729bd61499aWhile Trump is not making a fool of himself on National TV during debates and interviews, he can probably be found flying in his giant private jet, which is a Boeing 757. There is arguments over the cost of this plane, but Trump has claimed it cost him just shy of $100 million.