You Won’t Believe These 12 Amazing Facts About the Mayans



Throughout history, there have been some very interesting and amazing groups of people. One such group of people is definitely the ancient Mayans from Mexico. We have always heard a bit about them, but in 2012, the USA was more interested in the Mayans than ever before because of their calendars ending, which millions of people felt meant that the end of the world upon us. And while the Mayan calendars are interesting, there are also some other interesting things about this fascinating group of people. Here are 12 amazing facts about the Mayans, with number 5 being especially mind blowing.

#12 These Mayans Enhanced Their Physical Features At Birth


In most western cultures, whatever we are born looking like is usually just what we have to accept. But in a lot of other cultures, people manipulate their bodies in a certain way, such as Japanese women rolling up their feet in a rope to make them smaller. Mayans also did things like this as they wanted flat foreheads and would attach boards to the foreheads of babies. Check out the 9th entry for something else that was desirable.

#11 Sweat Baths Were Sacred
sideview of temazcal
sideview of temazcal

While sweat baths and saunas are fairly popular nowadays, they were sacred back in the Mayan times and were used and loved extensively. The Mayans believed that people could remove impurities in their body by sitting in these sweat baths and sweating those impurities right out of their bodies quickly.

#10 The Medical Knowledge of Shamans Was High


While there is no doubting that there is more medical knowledge available now than ever before, the Mayans did pretty well for themselves, thousands of years ago. The Mayan Shamans were so good that they could fix up wounds, attend to broken bones and even do some kinds of dental work. Check out the third entry for something else they were very skilled at.

#9 They Actually Desired to Be Cross-Eyed


While a lot of people are cross-eyed, you likely wouldn’t say it is a desirable trait. But in Ancient Maya, it most definitely was. In fact, they would often dangle objects right in front of the eyes of babies, to ensure that they would grow up to be cross-eyed.