You Won’t Believe These 12 Amazing Celebrity Car Collections

#8 Jay Leno



There is perhaps no celebrity car collection more impressive than comedian and TV host Jay Leno’s. Leno is famous for his car collection, which includes nearly 300 cars from a variety of different eras and companies. His collection is without a doubt worth tens of millions of dollars or more.

#7 The Weeknd


The Weeknd is just recently hitting the big time, but he has already amassed quite the car collection. Despite barely being 25 years old, this artist already owns an orange Lamborghini and a $1 million McLaren P1, which he actually drives in a music video of his called “Starboy.” Numerous verses of the song talk about his favorite cars.

#6 Lady Gaga


You might not expect Lady Gaga to be a car lover, but she most definitely is. Gaga’s garage consists of a Rolls Royce Phantom, an Audi, A McLaren and even a classic El Camino. This is fairly impressive seeing as she just got her drivers license a few months ago. She’s not the only mega music star on the list. Check out the next entry!

#5 Justin Bieber


When you are arguably the biggest star in the world (and have been for years), it is no surprise that you have a ton of money and a pretty sweet car collection. Bieber is worth hundreds of millions and has spent millions on his garage which includes a Lamborghini, Range Rover, Porsche, Cadillac, Fisker and much more.

#4 Guy Fieri


Guy Fieri is best known for his Food Network reality shows and for the unique way he dresses. But one thing that has also gotten him quite a bit of notice is his car collection. Whereas most people might own a variety of different cars, Fieri seems to have a soft spot for yellow Chevys.