You Won’t Believe The Transformation This Trailer Went Through


Junkyards are full of mysterious surprises and treasures just waiting to be found. Katy McLaughlin knew this and was willing to do whatever it took to transform a junkyard find into something truly amazing. It seems in our day and age, we’re looking for whatever we can to be found and upcycled into something of better use. The world is full of garbage, and sometimes instead of making something new, it can be a better idea to just take something old and finish it up! Katy knew this and decided to take a piece of garbage and turn it into something magical. See the transformation through the pictures ahead!

#18 Katy McLaughlin Was Just A Normal Businesswoman

001--18-katy-mclaughlin-was-just-a-normal-bu-324115Katy McLaughlin was just a normal businesswoman looking for her next project. She spotted something in a junkyard find. Most people would look at the trailer above and just see nothing but garbage. But Katy saw something different, and she had something pretty spectacular in mind for what she could do with the trailer.