You Won’t Believe The Transformation This Trailer Went Through

FeaturedTrailerJunkyards are full of mysterious surprises and treasures just waiting to be found. Katy McLaughlin knew this and was willing to do whatever it took to transform a junkyard find into something truly amazing. It seems in our day and age, we’re looking for whatever we can to be found and upcycled into something of better use. The world is full of garbage, and sometimes instead of making something new, it can be a better idea to just take something old and finish it up! Katy knew this and decided to take a piece of garbage and turn it into something magical. See the transformation through the pictures ahead!

#18 Katy McLaughlin Was Just A Normal Businesswoman

001--18-katy-mclaughlin-was-just-a-normal-bu-324115Katy McLaughlin was just a normal businesswoman looking for her next project. She spotted something in a junkyard find. Most people would look at the trailer above and just see nothing but garbage. But Katy saw something different, and she had something pretty spectacular in mind for what she could do with the trailer.

#17 She Enlisted The Help Of A Builder

002--17-she-enlisted-the-help-of-a-builder-324117She decided to enlist the help of the best builder she knew. While she was a savvy businesswoman with good taste and a keen eye for a moneymaker, she was no carpenter, electrician, or plumber, and she definitely needed someone who was. Lucky for her, she had a friend who she believed could take on the project.

#16 It Was A Huge Fixer Upper

003--16-it-was-a-huge-fixer-upper-324147This project was going to be extremely challenging. As you can see from the picture, this was a massive fixer-upper! The place was totally wrecked, which makes sense as it was in a junkyard! But Katy was ready to accept the challenge. There was just one thing that might be extra challenging in the process…

#15 Nothing Is Salvageable

004--15-nothing-is-salvageable--324170Literally nothing from the trailer was salvageable! The entirety of the inside is complete garbage! The only thing she might be able to keep were the walls! But there were problems with those as well. Katy didn’t care, though, she was willing to invest a huge amount of time and money to follow through with her vision of what the trailer could be.

#14 Time To Put Up In The Shop

005--14-time-to-put-up-in-the-shop-324189Katy knew all of the challenges that may lie ahead. Oftentimes, when someone decides to embark on a huge makeover project like this, the beginning is just the start of numerous potential problems that someone might run into when remodeling equipment like this. But she was ready for what might lie ahead.