You Won’t Believe The Real Names of These 18 Celebrities

FeaturedCelebsCelebrities are celebrities because people know them. Whether they are actors, athletes, singers, dancers or anything, we largely know them by their name. But what if I was to tell you that a ton of these famous people aren’t really who they say they are? While they are the same person, they are using a different name than the one their parents gave them at birth. So read on and check out these 18 celebrities who changed their names (or simply use another name) for one reason or another. Just wait until you read number 5. Your jaw will drop!

#18 Miley Cyrus

001--18-miley-cyrus-305941Miley Cyrus was first known as the daughter of the country star, Billy Ray Cyrus. But nowadays, the name Miley Cyrus has taken over as the most famous person in the family. However, she wasn’t born as Miley, she was born as Destiny Hope Cyrus. Check out the 10th entry for another superstar singer that goes by a different name.

#17 Ralph Lauren

002--17-ralph-lauren-306037If you know about or wear luxury clothing brands, you likely know about the brand Ralph Lauren, which is named after the founder of the company. The company is very successful and Lauren himself has a net worth of over 5 Billion dollars. But it’s likely that if he went by his birth name of Ralph Lipshitz, he would never have made this company.

#16 Natalie Portman

003--16-natalie-portman-5e7d7bb3c76f186f3ef9031fa55049a9Despite being a world famous actor in largely American-made films, Portman was actually born in Jerusalem. She also attended Harvard, which is extremely impressive. Her name is one of the most elegant in Hollywood, but she was actually born as Neta-Lee Hershlag. Check out number 8 to see another world famous actress who doesn’t go by her birth name.

#15 Whoopi Goldberg

004--15-whoopi-goldberg-305947While she is a solid actress and personality, no doubt Goldberg’s name has a lot to do with her fame. But that was actually not her birth name, as her parents decided to name her Caryn Elaine Johnson. The person at the number four spot is also someone else who has become more famous because of the uniqueness of their name.

#14 Jamie Foxx

005--14-jamie-foxx-91bc3544853acdf75a06f0a9e9a670a6Foxx is a big time entertainer as he can do it all from singing to acting. And while he is a major star today, it wasn’t always like that way. Foxx was born Eric Morlon Bishop but decided to change his name as he couldn’t find any work as an actor using his given name. We are glad he changed his name as “The Eric Morlon Bishop Show” doesn’t have the same ring to it as “The Jamie Foxx Show.”