You Won’t Believe How Dumb These 12 Criminals Are



The world is full of smart and brilliant people. These people are at the forefront of the growth of our industries and are innovating the next big things. However, on the other side of the spectrum, there are people who are seemingly too stupid to function in the world. While those people are often not smart enough to do basic things, for some reason, they decide that committing crimes is right for them, and they fail spectacularly. Here are 12 of the stupidest criminals out there whose plans were ruined before they even got started. Number 6 is particularly clueless.

#12 The Cocaine Girls


The Cocaine Girls were a pair of twentysomethings who were posting pictures of themselves traveling the world on Instagram. However, they weren’t models, they were actually drug smugglers. They were caught by police with nearly $30 million in cocaine, which was enough to put them away for life in prison.

#11 Call-in Bank Robbery


Calling in and making an appointment is usually good protocol, unless you are robbing a bank. Well, Albert Bailey thought he would call the bank ahead of time and tell them to leave some money out for him. To the shock of the bank staff, he actually did come and attempt to rob the place. Of course, the police were waiting for him when he arrived. Check out the number 5 entry for another terrible robber.

#10 Brag About Crimes on YouTube


When you are a criminal with a serious rap sheet, the last thing you should do is brag about it online. Well, that is exactly what this idiot did. She bragged on YouTube about stealing a car and robbing a bank. The next person obviously didn’t think their attempted crime through very well, either.

#9 Car Thief Doesn’t Know How to Drive


If you are going to steal a car, you better make sure it is one you can actually drive. This thief didn’t think it through as he attempted to a steal a truck, only to find out it was a manual. After stalling a few times, he just decided to run away and chalk this one up as a loss. The next man might want to brush up his knowledge of the law.