You Won’t Believe Her Transformation After Being Shot in the Face



Humans are very social people and thrive on the help and support of others. We spend most of our lives talking with friends, coworkers, and other people. Also, a majority of people spend a good portion of their lives looking for that one person to spend the rest of our lives with. And when we finally think we’ve found that one person, it is amazing. But sadly, sometimes the person we thought we were dating or marrying isn’t who they truly are. While we would love our relationships to last a lifetime, they often don’t, for one reason or another.

#10 Relationships Can Take Unexpected Turns


We all like to think that we know our spouse, but that isn’t always the case. Whether you are together for 10 weeks or 10 years, you sometimes don’t truly know who you are with. We all like to trust others, but the problem is, some deserve it and some don’t. Let’s meet Connie…

#9 Meet Connie Culp


The story we are looking at today takes a look at the relationship of a single woman, Connie Culp. Culp was just like millions of other people in the world, married to the love of her life. She was a happy woman and her life was going swimmingly, but as mentioned earlier, unexpected turns can always happen in life.

#8 They Were Married For Years and Even Had Children


But for Connie, she would have never seen the unexpected turn coming. This is because she had a long and happy marriage with her husband. Culp and her husband also had children together, and that would definitely help to reassure her that things were all good, when in reality, they were not, and here’s why…

#7 But Soon, Connie Began to Notice Some Negative Signs


Despite thinking that things were going great, Connie soon began to see signs that would point towards the contrary. Her husband began to bully and emotionally abuse her and soon, it began to get physical. He began to strike her on some occasions, which took the domestic abuse to a new level for them. But what happens next is unbelievable…

#6 An Argument Led to Her Husband Shooting Her in the Face


All of these problems eventually culminated with the unthinkable. After an argument, one night, Connie’s husband shot her right in the face. This obviously left her extremely disfigured, and to be honest, she was incredibly lucky to be alive. It is almost unfathomable how something like this happened between a married couple.