7. Picturesque Views

006-7-picturesque-views-24c95bf4c5369ed977c476193d5b0fb4There’s a railway station running alongside the sandy beach, creating a great landscape for photos. Jeongdongjin is known for its views of the sunrise and sunset over the Sea of Japan.

When the sun rises over the ocean, it outlines the train station and pine trees, creating a sight straight out of a fairytale.

6. No Sea Sickness Here

007-6-no-sea-sickness-here-dcd0044a157b467a7ea55625a2b78949The 30,000-ton structure isn’t going anywhere, making this a perfect experience for any travelers prone to motion sickness.

Sounds of crashing waves are played over speakers throughout the hotel, enhancing the cruise ship theme. The resort’s swimming pool is filled with saltwater, adding to the authenticity.

5. Cruise Without The Cost

008-5-cruise-without-the-cost-e58b7ba820954772bd2a89ed2956ba37There are no fuel costs or crew members needed to operate this boat, so the resort offers a cruise-like experience at much more affordable rates. Family-sized rooms, complete with views of the sea, rent for around 220,000 South Korean Won per night ($197 in U.S. dollars). All of the resort’s guest rooms feature en-suite bathrooms, too.

4. Top Floor

009-4-top-floor-74a4a844ab63c2501082ecf8a67ae62fOn the resort’s 10th floor, the Sky Lounge is built with wraparound windows that show off panoramic views of the coast below. The bar is well-stocked and can seat 170 guests.


Party animals will find themselves at home in the karaoke room. It’s stocked with a high-tech sound system, video projector, and disco lighting.

3. Weddings, Parties, Anything

010-3-weddings-parties-anything-3f35412313671e54c27fc2160cf1b60cThere’s a wedding hall on board for marrying couples, with room for 1,000 guests. Convention rooms are furnished for meetings, parties, and gatherings, as well.

Before the construction of the Sun Cruise, Jeongdongjin was one of the lesser-known tourist spots in South Korea. The resort spurred tourism growth to the region, and it’s accessible from the Jeongdongjin harbor, train station, or the nearby Moraeshigae Park.