WOW…These 18 Secrets About Space Are CRAZY!

FeaturedNasaHuman beings are fascinated with space. We constantly seek answers to questions like, “Are we alone in the universe?” From the second that man first set foot on the Moon, the possibilities of what we can accomplish have seemed limitless. New space exploration missions are set all the time, and the latest ones have us trying to establish life on Mars as a possible relocation for mankind if needed.


With all the attention to space that there’s been over the past decades, there’s still a shocking number of secrets and cover-ups that have taken place.

Find out some of the most shocking secrets about space!

#18 Majestic-12

001--18-majestic-12-310726Secret organizations seem to exist in abundance, what with the Freemasons, Illuminati, and now the Majestic-12. The organization is reportedly made up of numerous scientists and politicians, and it’s claimed that it even featured Harry Truman while he was the President of the United States. The group’s goal is to learn of extra-terrestrial beings aka aliens.

#17 The Dead Cosmonaut

002--17-the-dead-cosmonaut-310346The space race was in full swing in the 1960’s between the United States and the Soviet Union. The Soviets claimed that they launched the first manned satellite in 1961 with Sputnik and that the first man in space was Yuri Gagarin. Italian brothers Judica-Cordiglia claim that Gagarin wasn’t the first man in space because they were monitoring ground to space communications weeks before his launch and they supposedly heard transmissions of a cosmonaut slowly dying somewhere in space. The Soviet government denied this fact, but conspiracy theorists think it might have been a cover-up to preserve their reputation.

#16 Mars’ Nuclear Explosion

003--16-mars-nuclear-explosion-dfc2cce8c3bf4cde6fb7ea7ebee13fbbDr. John Brandenburg came up with a wild theory that claims there are two civilizations living on Mars, the Utopians and the Cydonians. He suggested that a third alien species destroyed the two groups with nuclear weapons because of the planets rich supply of Uranium and Thorium. If this were true, the fear would be that this same alien race could extinguish our planet like they did Mars.

#15 The Lucifer Project

004--15-the-lucifer-project-310417Rumors abounded that NASA once put a mission together to Jupiter’s moons to see if they could somehow turn Jupiter into another sun. While there’s no evidence supporting “The Lucifer Project,” NASA did announce a $255 million budget to send a ship to Jupiter’s largest moon, Europa. If you thought that was crazy, check out this next NASA secret…

#14 Unidentified Object In The Starburst Galaxy

005--14-unidentified-object-in-the-starburst-f79f1ad0867c519dfe53e9a82a44a8f7Messier 82 is known as a starburst galaxy, and it’s located roughly 12 million light years away from Earth. Some astronomers discovered what they felt were radio waves in Messier 82 back in 2010. The likely source of these strange waves seems to be some kind of extraterrestrial being. Could this mean we are not alone in the universe?