You Won’t Believe What’s Behind These Tiny Doors Leading Into Trees

fotorcreatedDeep in the woods of Kansas, there is something strange and magical happening along a deceptively normal trail. In 2013, the Fisher family found that out firsthand. Not only is the landscape of this forest park beautiful, but the Tomahawk Creek Trail has a secret. As you walk along the trail, you enter “The Firefly Forest,” in which a few of the trees are designed to look like little fairy houses. The family was about to find something behind those doors that was more captivating than they could have imagined and it changed their lives in a way you won’t believe.



#12 Strange Dwellings

001-12-strange-dwellings-106227b6887acc03a292eded716410f2The city where this magical place can be found is Overland Park in Kansas. It seemed like almost overnight, small little doors were being found on trees in the forest on the outskirts of town. Once the doors were opened, they often led to exciting and detailed little homes on the inside of the trees.

#11 The Firefly Forest

002-11-the-firely-forest-bb9b93ecb64d1d4eeb05a11ce8dbca14Since these little homes began popping up in the forest a few years ago, they collectively have been dubbed the “Firefly Forest.” This has become a popular destination as people wanted to check out the colorful, creative, and cool little homes. But people began to wonder, where did they come from?

#10 Meet Robyn Frampton

003-10-meet-robyn-frampton-68c7fd9d03408a58e45a639f363adbbcNo, unfortunately these little creations weren’t the work of magic. Instead, new Overland Park resident Robyn Frampton is behind them. After a stressful divorce, the single mother decided to start building these little houses to help her sons cope with the separation and give them a momentary escape into a fantasy world.

#9 Her Secret Was Out

004-9-her-secret-was-out-36e7bb4121876eb97fe5558cd149277fHowever, soon it wasn’t only Frampton and her children enjoying the small dwellings. Other families and children began to find out about these creations. These gave neighbors something to bond over and helped many people “escape” reality for a time, just like she had intended when she first built them for her children.

#8 All In The Details

005-8-all-in-the-details-da4b5dc90fa55ba077d823a41d7f8ae8While people loved the little doors, they flocked for the details. Inside the trees, she often put tiny little beds, kitchens, and other household additions. She would also periodically change the decor in specific houses, as if to say a new fairy had moved in. She even had a home where people could leave notes for the fairies.