You Won’t Believe What Vegas Looked Like 60 Years Ago

#9 These Ladies Were Vegas Stars

006-9-these-ladies-were-vegas-stars-722176Vegas used to be the place to go for all of the biggest celebrities of the time. From right to left are Eva Gabor, Madga, and Zsa. Those names might not be that familiar to you, but at the biggest point in their careers, they frequented the bright city and had shows at the Last Frontier Hotel often.

#8 Pools Were Less Busy

007-8-pools-were-less-busy-722178Vegas is always busy now, and if you’re by the poolside, chances are, so are a lot of other people! But 50 years ago, when Vegas was less busy, so were the swimming pools! One thing that’s the same about these luxurious pools, however, is that people love gambling no matter where they are!

#7 It Wasn’t Always So Bright

008-7-it-wasn-t-always-so-bright-715144Las Vegas is a city that’s never dark! They have massive electric bills due to all the bright signs and light shows. But when everything was smaller 50 years ago, so were the signs! The buildings were also a lot less tall as well, many of them not going past three or four floors! The same can definitely not be said about the hotels today, however!

#6 The Wealthy Frequented

009-6-the-wealthy-frequented-715163If you look at old pictures of Vegas, you’ll often see casinos filled with the rich and famous. While that’s true for people today, it’s definitely more accessible to people of all social classes. With easier transportation and hotel and travel deals, the city welcomes people in every class! Anyone who has gambling money to spend is welcome!

#5 Frank Sinatra Was Popular Too

010-5-frank-sinatra-was-popular-too-722186Just like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra was another famously talented musician who was known for his love of the city of lights! Here, Frank is seen surrounded by beautiful and talented ladies after one of his shows. Frank had many shows of his own, but he also loved enjoying all the fun the city had to offer!