You Won’t Believe These People Actually Exist Amongst Us

17. Largest Man – Patrick Deuel

Largest Man

We all love to eat but there are some people who love eating than most of us and he is no other than the biggest man in the world. He has struggled with his weight ever since he was a child. Believe it or not, he has undergone liposuction and gastric bypass surgery but he is now weighs 560 pounds again because he cannot refuse snacking.

18. Largest Woman- Charity Pierce

Largest Woman

Of course, there is also the world’s largest woman. Her heaviest weight is 765 pounds. Just recently, she decided to lose some of her weight and she succeeded in losing about 200 pounds of it. She did that so she can be able to marry the love of her life.


19. Plastic Nightmare- Jocelyn Wildstein

Plastic Paradise

Jocelyn Wildstein is one good example that plastic surgery can ruin you. Sadly, the story behind her plastic surgery obsession is a sad one. She decided to make herself look like a cat in an effort to reconnect to her husband who she found in bed with a 19-year-old woman. Sadly, all her efforts are in vain as they divorced in 1999.

20. Crocheted Boobs- Audrey HorncastleAn Interesting Hobby…

Crocheting is the best hobby of old ladies but Audrey does it differently as she crochets breasts. Her crocheted breasts are donated to hospitals and doctors so they can be able to educate soon-to-be-moms on how to breast feed.