You Won’t Believe These People Actually Exist Amongst Us

13. Daddy Big Legs- Mandy Sellars

Bottom Heavy

She was actually born with a rare genetic mutation which caused his legs to grow at a very alarming rate. She even got her leg amputated due to blood infection but the amputated leg still began to grow! Her legs weigh 42 pounds and has over 3 foort circumference.

14. Tallest Man In The World- Sultan  Kosen

Tallest Man In The World

And of course, you may be wondering who is the tallest man in the world? Well, that is 31-year-old Sultan Kosen who lives in Turkey. According to the latest news, his height has reached up to eight feet and three inches.

15. Shortest Man In The World- Chandra Bahadur Dangi

Shortest Man In The World

He is currently the smallest person in the world. His height is only one foot and nine inches. He belongs to a family with eight children, three of which has normal height while the other four are quite short but he is the shortest of them all.

16. The World’s Smallest Woman- Jyote Amge

The World’s Smallest Woman

She is the world’s smallest woman up to date. You may have recognized her from The American Horror Story: The Freak Show episode but we bet you did not know that she is considered to be the smallest woman in the world. Her height is two feet and one inch.