You Won’t Believe How Old This Sexy Swimsuit Model Really Is

7. Slowing Down A Little

Yazmeenah has indicated that while she still has plenty of time and effort to dedicate to her modeling work, she’s not quite as energetic as she once was. She puts this down to having gone through the physical changes associated with menopause. However, she’s still not short of work when she wants it.

6. A Single Photoshoot

It’s perhaps fair to say that Yazmeenah would never have become the celebrity that she recently has without her unusual approach to managing her career. A single photoshoot has changed the way the world looks at Yazmeenah, and may change the future of older women in fashion for good.

5. The Swimsuit Shot

Yazmeenah appeared in a recent swimsuit shoot. Not just any old swimsuit either – it was the kind of swimsuit normally reserved for young women; tight and fitting and leaving very little to the imagination. It was incredibly well received, and the images have gone viral online. That means they have been seen by an unexpectedly large and supportive audience.

4. Land Of Women

The lingerie brand that Yazmeenah represented in the photo shoot was Land of Women, and they had been working in conjunction with an online retailer, The Dreslyn, to create a portfolio of striking images that reflect real women in the real world. Yazmeenah was just what the doctor ordered to help get their message home.

3. Dreslyn Speaks

Dreslyn’s CEO, Brooke Taylor Corcia, said that the company had been aiming to try and shift attitudes towards the way women are viewed. She said that swimwear is all too often hyper-sexualised and that campaigns regularly fail to address the female identity within the suit. She wants people to look again.