Women Can Be Abusive In Relationships Too: Here’s How They Mistreat Men

Although women are more likely to be abused by their partners, men can be in abusive relationships too.

Abuse comes in many forms and can be both physical and psychological. It may be difficult, but it is important for every man to understand what abuse can look like. The following slides show ten behaviors that are actually signs of abuse.

If any of these seem to relate to your relationship, it is important that you walk away from it as soon as possible.

10. She Yells At You

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If your girlfriend is yelling at you in front of your friends or even at home in private, this may be a sign of abuse. Yelling is never an effective way to communicate. If she can’t sit down and talk to you without raising her voice, you may want to consider leaving.

9. She Hits You


Hitting and slapping are signs of physical abuse. She may hit or slap you when you say or do something she doesn’t like. This is not okay and you may begin to feel unsafe around her. Do not hit her back! Rather, walk away from the situation and from the relationship.

8. She Doesn’t Involve You


If she’s making all of the decisions in your relationship, if she’s telling you that you have no choice in decisions that affect your life, then this might be a sign of psychological abuse. Nobody can control what you do, not even someone you love. Don’t let her decide things for you.

7. She Doesn’t Let You Hang Out With Your Friends


Maybe she doesn’t like your friends or how you act around them, but she should not determine whether you hang out with them or not. Your friends are yours to deal with and it’s important for you to have people you can rely on that aren’t her. If she doesn’t like them, she can leave.

6. She Doesn’t Let You Talk To Other Girls

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This is the most common sign of psychological abuse. A lot of women get jealous when their man talks to other girls, but that doesn’t mean she can control who you talk to. You should be able to talk to whoever you want, as long as you’re being faithful and honest.