How This Woman’s Extreme Makeover Forever Changed Her Life

5. Under The Knife

Cynthia’s three children also were unsure of why she wanted the surgeries.


“They didn’t think I needed it,” she said. But the cameras rolled and she underwent the surgical procedures that would forever change her appearance. She received a new nose, major dental work, a breast lift, chin implant, facelift, and liposuction.

4. Recovery

“It was amazing to me, actually. I really didn’t think it was going to happen,” Cynthia’s daughter Jenae said. “I was excited for her.”

At first, Cynthia’s husband had trouble embracing her new look, but once she finished recovering from the procedures, he had a change of heart.

3. Inner And Outer Beauty

“I feel a lot better about myself,” Cynthia said. The changes weren’t just skin deep, either. As Cynthia recovered from the procedures, she underwent an inner transformation as well.

“She was more confident,” said her daughter Jenae while describing Cynthia’s new appearance. “She liked taking pictures. She just changed completely.”

2. Thankful Every Day

“They’re so glad I did it. They love to take me now and show me off,” Cynthia said. She has an entirely new face, after all! “I know they’re proud. I thank God and them every day for it because I would have never had this done on my own.”

1. A New Life

“It made a difference, a really big difference, not just physically, but psychologically,” said Cynthia’s husband. He added that his wife is already seven years younger than him, but she now looks even younger than that.

“To me, she’s always going to be the little girl I married,” he said. “She didn’t change in my eyes. She’s the same.”

Isn’t Cynthia’s story incredibly touching? It shows that great things can happen to good people, as well as the great impact that reality shows can have on everyday people. If you liked the outcome of this story, make sure to check out The Doctors on your local television network, because the show is always airing stories that are as inspiring as this one.

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