Woman Weighed 1,036 Pounds: You Won’t Believe What She Looks Like Now!

Mayra Rosales, who had been incorrectly referred to as the half-ton killer, was despondent after the death of her nephew Elisio in 2008. In an incredibly sad story that became an overnight media sensation, Rosales falsely claimed that she accidentally killed her nephew by rolling on top of him and suffocating him. This turned out to be impossible to believe, as the autopsy from her nephew’s death revealed that he actually died from multiple wounds to the head and skull. In a unique twist of fate, there was actually something positive that came from this horrible and senseless tragedy.

Mayra Rosales Tragic Story



It was revealed during that the boy could not have been killed by Mayra suffocating him. Mayra confessed that she falsified the story in order to protect her sister Jaimie Lee Rosales, who had inflicted the wounds. Although she initially fled to Mexico, she was tracked down and sentenced to prison. Mayra dedicated herself to becoming healthier to take care of her other sister’s children.

A Startling Discovery


Jamie finally confessed for what she had done to Elisio. She had beaten him with a hairbrush when he refused to eat. This sad and shocking discovery made much more sense than Mayra’s false confession. Although Mayra often babysat Jamie’s children, she could barely move, and the idea that she was responsible had become more and more implausible.

A Long Struggle


Mayra says that she had taken up and entire king size bed and couldn’t even stand up. For the capital murder trial, she had to be cut out of her house. A king size bed was actually placed in the courtroom for her. She lied about being responsible for her nephew’s death for months, although her attorney had a suspicion she was covering for someone else. See the next slide for Rosales at over 1,000 pounds.

Mayra Rosales at 1,036 pounds


32-year-old Mayra’s resolve to shed the weight would help her take care of her sister’s children, as her sister would be serving a 15-year prison sentence for her crime. The struggle Mayra faced was incredible, however, as she weighed 1036 pounds. She was obese and bedridden, relying on others to help her with the most basic daily tasks.

Sadness and Desperation


Rosales admitted to having given up on life, and feeling like she was alive but not living. Her lack of mobility and having to rely on others took a toll on her emotional health as well as her physical health. She turned to food for comfort and had been bed-ridden for years and her situation had started becoming desperate as well as emotionally exhausting.