Woman Takes Chance On Curious Stray Dog, Both Go On To Do Great Things!

The number of dogs facing homelessness around the world is alarming and extremely disheartening. Not only do canines across the globe have nowhere to go and nothing to eat, they face loneliness and sometimes euthanization if no one chooses to adopt them. Dogs in need of homes are especially evident in the country of Greece, where many dogs have nothing except to roam the streets and beaches. One pup got a lucky break when a woman decided to take a chance on the lonely dog and give her the best shot at finding love. This dog then had the chance to discover her purpose in life, and it turns out she was destined for amazing things!


12. This Dog Just Wanted Some Love

This dog was known as Blue, and she just wanted a family to call her own. Blue lived on a beach in Greece, where she would follow anyone that would give her a glimmer of affection. She even chased cars in the hopes of going home with a new owner! It wasn’t until one woman stumbled upon Blue that her situation changed.