This Woman Spent Over $200,000 To Look Like Kim K, And She Isn’t Finished Yet!

The rise of social media has allowed us to scroll through a never-ending feed of fitness and beauty goals. Some of us even adapt our lifestyles to achieve that perfect look, no matter what it takes.

One young woman from Brazil will stop at nothing to get the figure of Kim Kardashian, and after $200,o00-worth of cosmetic surgery, she is just getting started. You won’t believe how far she goes in slide #3!

10. Social Media Has Allowed Stars To Shine

Fans follow their favorite celebrities religiously through their newsfeed, awaiting the arrival of the next selfie or life update. Followers gain inspiration from their fitness or health results, no matter how unrealistic these goals may be!

9. Kim Kardashian Has A Massive Cult Following

The Kardashian family is no stranger to news headlines and paparazzi. Kim K is well known for her curvy — almost unnatural — figure, and many fans envy her assets.

You won’t believe how far this former model will go to resemble this Kardashian sister in slide #2!

8. One Brazilian Woman Idolizes Kim K’s Physique

Twenty-four-year-old Jennifer Pamplona from Sao Paulo, Brazil, has a love for Kim Kardashian’s curvy body, and she aims to achieve her figure.

7. Pamplona Wished To Become A Barbie For Her Partner

After getting her first surgery at age 17, Pamplona went on to be a model. She met her boyfriend Celso at a Versace show, and he aimed to become a human Ken doll.

Slide #4 proves Pamplona will stop at nothing to achieve her dream body!

6. Tragedy Struck And Pamplona’s Life Was Forever Changed

The model’s boyfriend Celso died at the young age of 20, and this unexpected loss caused Pamplona to become extremely depressed.

She agreed to appear on a Brazilian body transformation show shortly afterward, and the next slide proves that she was just getting started with her surgeries!