This Woman Shed 95 Pounds By Following Two Simple Techniques

Society as a whole is obsessed with appearance—it’s undeniable. We all check the mirror before we leave home, sometimes more than once. We all try to squeeze into clothes that fit us years ago in an attempt to convince ourselves that we look just as good. We search diligently for that one amazing trick that will help us lose weight. Many trends have emerged but one of the most prominent ones by far is The Keto Diet. This update on the brand discusses if the product lives up to the hype.

This is Molly’s story. She experienced all of these challenges, too, and she managed to overcome. Here’s how!

10. Set Yourself Up For Success


Molly attributes her weight loss success to her mental disposition. More specifically, two key mindsets helped.

The first is drive—the ability to go absolutely beast-mode and work towards a goal with no possibility of failure in your mind. To be driven requires enormous amounts of willpower, but it can be achieved with practice and time.