This Woman Says Smoking Weed Saved Her Unborn Child

Did marijuana save the life of one woman’s unborn child? We know that weed has helped millions of people in the past. It miraculously lessens the pain and other symptoms for cancer patients going through torturous rounds of chemotherapy but is it safe for expectant mothers to smoke, too?

One mother says not only is it safe but her special pot brownies saved her pregnancy. The mother is Melissa Vaughn, a 37-year-old stay at home mother from the Boston area who believes that her special pot brownie recipe is the sole reason why she has her baby today.

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10. Inside One Unique Recipe


Vaughn’s brownie recipe consisted of Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie mix and pot-infused butter. At the time, she desperately needed another option to get rid of her horrendous morning sickness. She tried everything she could think of to fix her hyperemesis, which is said to be a severe case of morning sickness.

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