Woman Loses Half Her Body Weight, Gets EPIC Revenge On Her Bully

Being healthy isn’t always easy. Obesity is rising at an epidemic rate, and this is mainly caused by lack of exercise and poor nutrition. Fast food high in calories and loaded with fat is readily available, and it costs little to nothing to purchase. Emotional eating and other mental illness also contribute to binge eating and obesity, and one young woman knew this all too well. One day she decided to make a change after getting rejected by a crush, and what happens when she loses half her body weight is truly shocking. You won’t believe her transformation in slide #2!

10. Weight Is A Big Issue

Snack foods and soda have become staples of theĀ American diet. Diets high in fat and calories have led to larger waists and the growing problem of obesity, and a complimenting sedentary lifestyle is only making the problem worse. One young woman fell into the trap of maintaining a poor diet with lack of exercise, and it started to show.