This Woman Gave All She Had To Save This Puppy’s Life

7. A Name For The Puppy

006-7-a-name-for-the-puppy-872783By the third week, Kaffekalle felt confident enough of the puppy’s prognosis to finally give him a name. Over the weeks she saw him develop his own personality, describing him as “barreling” out of his crate and “screaming” to be fed.


After some though she decided to name him after her favorite Tom Hardy character, Bronson.

6. Super Puppy

007-6-super-puppy-872813By six weeks, Bronson ditched the binky and instead went for fingers. Kaffekalle described this switch as a common trait amongst dogs with cleft palates.

Blown away by his progress, Kaffekalle declared him Superman, even going as far to buy him a t-shirt to show off his status.

Unfortunately, Bronson was not out of the woods yet.

5. More Trouble For Bronson

008-5-more-trouble-for-bronson-873002Since his cleft palate was so severe, surgeons were apprehensive about performing the surgery needed to rectify the situation. In the meantime, Bronson would continue to get things stuck in his mouth including an ear plug and kitty litter.

His defect made it almost impossible for him to play with toys and have treats. Luckily, some of Kaffekalle’s coworkers had an idea.

4. Nothing Like A Pool Party

009-4-nothing-like-a-pool-party-872897With certain toys and treats on the absolutely no way list, Bronson was limited to what he could do for fun. After some brainstorming, a few of Kaffekalle’s coworkers came over with a baby pool.

The pool opened up a whole new world for Bronson bringing on an obsession with water.

3. Almost Time For Surgery

010-3-almost-time-for-surgery-872926After Bronson turned one, it was decided it was almost time for surgery. The first year had been tiresome, in addition to the beginning months of tube feeding he suffered from sinus infections and bloody sneezes.

The defect also cause his mouth to grow crooked, making his face appear slightly crooked as well.