This Woman Gave All She Had To Save This Puppy’s Life

Sometimes all it takes is a little love to save a life and change your own. This was the case for vet tech and Reddit user Kaffekalle when she was met face to face with the ultimate challenge.

What started as a normal day at the office quickly morphed into something extraordinary. When faced with a difficult decision, she chose to step up to the challenge resulting in an unbelievable ending to a situation with a not so positive outlook.

Her story is living proof that nothing is impossible and sometimes all it takes is the dedication to turn something bad around.


12. Another Day At The Office

001-12-another-day-at-the-office-872526The day started like any other — a black lab was in labor and the staff was working hard to deliver the nine puppies safe and sound. Kaffekalle felt especially connected to the puppies, as they were being born on her 30th birthday.


It didn’t take long however for the mood to change from excitement to despair when one of the puppies was born with a cleft palate.

11. No Hope

002-11-no-hope-872554When a puppy is born with a severely cleft palate the prognosis is never good. The defect prevents the puppy from nursing, making it difficult to impossible for the puppy to eat.

A puppy in this condition would require round the clock care and even then the outlook was not definite. It was a tough decision, but the owners decided to put the puppy down.

Unconvinced, Kaffekalle had her own idea.

10. A New Home

003-10-a-new-home-872569Kaffekalle decided to take the puppy home and giving him the care he needed – whatever that would be! She quickly made sure he was comfortable at home and started to give him a nipple from a baby bottle to see how he did with it.

She described the first night as upsetting as she did not expect the puppy to live more than two weeks.

9. One Week Old

004-9-one-week-old-872617To prevent the puppy from dying of starvation, Kaffekalle decided to tube feed him. In order to keep him healthy, she had to feed him a puppy milk replacement every one-two hours night and day.

Thankfully she was able to bring the puppy to work with her in order to continue the care. After the first week is when she truly believed the puppy had a fighting shot at survival.

8. The Hit Of The Office

005-8-the-hit-of-the-office-bb4446360719b74acd6edb226915998aWorking at a veterinary office gave Kaffekalle the ability and proper tools to care for the puppy throughout the work day, not that anyone minded. The puppy quickly took his surroundings, making friends throughout the office.

He took a liking to his binky, using it as security throughout the day.