Woman Born Without Legs Discovers Her Real Identity After Being Abandoned At Birth

#13 She Was A Natural Athlete

006--13-she-was-a-natural-athlete-266045Jennifer was born to be an athlete! Despite having no legs, Jennifer was able to be skilled in multiple sports, including volleyball. Her true passion, however, was gymnastics. She loved being a part of the sports and organizations and was determined to be as active as possible, never letting her disability hold her back. But what about her parents?

#12 Her Parents Were Supportive

007--12-her-parents-were-supportive-266043When it came to her parents, they were always supportive of Jennifer pursuing her dreams. They helped her and encouraged her to be the best gymnast she could be. And she definitely became that! By age 11, Jennifer was already racking up countless awards and medals for her talents in gymnastics, something that even children with no disabilities were capable of!

#11 Dominique Moceanu Was Her Idol

008--11-dominique-moceanu-was-her-idol-266038Dominique Moceanu was a talented gymnast and the youngest member of her United States team to win a gold medal for her country at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. Jennifer quickly had Dominique become her idol and hero, and she was determined to follow in the footsteps of her gymnast role model. And you’ll never believe how they bonded…

#10 The Girls Were Similar

009--10-the-girls-were-similar-266036Jennifer and Dominique actually had a lot in common! Both girls were originally from Armenia, and both had a passion for gymnasts that they wouldn’t let die. Jennifer was bound and determined to become just like Dominique. Some doubted her, as she had a disability, unlike Dominique. But Jennifer would never let this stop her.

#9 Jennifer Wanted To Know More About Her Past

010--9-jennifer-wanted-to-know-more-about-he-266033As Jennifer got older, not only did her dreams and hopes grow revolving around her future as a gymnast, but she was also eager to learn more about her backstory and exactly where she came from. All she really knew was that she was from Armenia, but she wanted to know more. Soon, she would make a shocking discovery about her backstory.