Wildlife Chronicles: Python Battles Crocodile and Eats It Whole!

6. Meal At Last



After five grueling hours, the python can finally have its meal and it’s definitely fit for a king. After dragging his lifeless prey on land, the best part is coming next. The fun can begin.

The python has already prepared the crocodile for consumption for the most part. It has crushed its body so it’s easier to swallow. Just look at how the python’s mouth almost tripled its size. After hours and hours of wrestling, it sure has worked up an appetite and it’s more than happy to swallow the crocodile whole.

7. All Mine

Seeing this python in action is a sight to behold. The eyewitnesses were amazed as they don’t get to see this sight in their everyday life. The python displayed in full view its power and greed.

It’s hard to figure out this point in the engulfing process, but we can tell you that the snake has the crocodile’s entire head down its gullet and it’s steadily working its way to the mid-body. You may wonder how on earth a snake has room for its organs and a meal this big. Surely it will kill itself, right?

8. Made For This


The python will be fine. Amazingly, the python’s internal organs will readjust themselves to make way for the huge meal. His heart will actually elongate so that there’s more room for this spiny feast.

Even after its prey has died the snake continues to coil its prey because it helps with the digestive work outside of the body, crushing and compacting bulky parts of the prey so that the digestion system has an easier time of it. It also helps shove his meal forward.

9. Piece Of Cake


Since most of the hard part has already been done in the water, swallowing the crocodile whole is much easier compared to five hours of wrestling. It’s stretchy jaw and body was able to easily accommodate the large crocodile. The python needed only 15 minutes to swallow its prey whole and that large meal is going to keep him full for days.

10. Satisfying Meal


The python has officially swallowed the entire crocodile with all its teeth and claws. But, how? Thankfully, the streamlined body of the crocodile made for gliding through the water, their legs fold naturally up against the body. The python had nothing to worry about the snag or scratch of claws, the meal goes down much more easily.

Snakes do not have a full set of teeth, so they cannot tear off bite-size chunks of their dinner. It’s all or nothing and this snake wasn’t going to let a crocodile get the better of him, alive or dead. This last little bit appears to be more labor-intensive than the huge majority of the body.