During Wife’s Chemo, Husband’s Amazing Surprise Makes Their Story Go Viral!

All anyone can really want in life is an abundance of health and happiness. The ability to share good times with friends and family and cherish the simple moments is priceless, but sometimes life throws a curveball that no one could expect. Health problems can be especially hard to deal with, and a cancer diagnosis can have someone fighting for survival.

One mother and wife was unexpectedly diagnosed with breast cancer, and instead of giving up, she kept an upbeat attitude and positive spirit. Her husband wanted to surprise her in the most vivid of ways, and you won’t believe how far this beautiful surprise grows in slide #3!

10. Cancer Can Tear Lives And Families Apart


Alissa Bousquet from the small town of Oakland, Nebraska led a relatively normal and happy life. She enjoyed spending time with her husband Brad and her five children, but their lives were changed forever in December of 2015. Alissa was unexpectedly diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer, and the Bousquet family was about to start a difficult journey.