Where Are They Now: 18 Olympic Greats


There are few, if any, events that capture the attention of the world in the same way that the Olympics do. For the few weeks, it is on TV billions of people watch the best athletes on the earth do what they do best. But just as quickly as the Olympics comes and dominates the airways, it disappears just as fast until the next installment a few years later. This means that there are some great athletes we forget about or lose track of for years. Here we will take a look at where 18 past Olympic greats are today. Number 5 might just shock you…

#18 Michael Johnson

001--18-michael-johnson-387721Johnson made history in 1996 when he won the gold medal in the 200M and the 400M, becoming the first ever man to do it. Since the Olympics, he has worked with major athletes from the NFL to soccer leagues around the world. To top it all off Johnson has his own performance company as well. Check out number 12 to see what another famous sprinter has been up to lately.