What’s Gay Conversion Therapy Really Like? Let’s Ask

For those who haven’t heard of gay conversion therapy, it’s the practice of trying to “cure” individuals of their homosexuality through a process that is largely agreed by mental health professionals to be complete pseudoscience.

These therapy sessions happen in doctor’s offices and special camps around the United States. Unfortunately, the process is pretty brutal, and has been linked to lifelong psychological problems and at worst, possibly suicide.

In most cases, children are forced to go to the sessions or risk being kicked out of their homes. This whole practice is pretty much terrible, and numerous horror stories can be found online from those who had to go through these degrading sessions.

Click down to #7. It’ll make you wonder how “conversion therapy” is even legal.

12. At Least It All Ended Well

This one story is absolutely tragic. This is what happened after a son came out to his mother:


…started having him go to a “pray away the gay” counsellor. He never said anything about it being abusive or obscene, but it made him homophobic for about three years before he found a boyfriend. The happy ending is that his parents have gotten past it and they are all pretty happy.

I mean, at least it had a happy ending, right?

11. These Are Absolutely Bizarre

Just read a part of this story for yourself:

The first appointment was bizarre. He’d only refer to me being gay as “my ailment”. There were a lot of graphs about human desire and God being the source of that desire if I just “let his desire in.”

He stopped going to “therapy” at 15 after pretending he was “cured.” He came out again at 17, yet this time refused to go to back to “counseling.” He had to get over internalized homophobia and self-doubt. Definitely a sad story.

10. Heartbreaking Story

This story will absolutely break your heart:

At my mother’s insistence, I went to one “session,” where I met with a “counselor” who spent a good 45 minutes explaining to me that only prayer would save me from the AIDS I had contracted. I was 17 and had never had sex with anyone.

My mom still thinks I have AIDS. She doesn’t answer when I call.

Can you imagine losing touch with your family based off who you love?

9. At Least They Did Have To Visit Long

…I went to two meetings before telling my mom if I went back there again it would kill me. Me and the fam get along a lot better now.

Luckily, their parents didn’t force them to keep going to the “conversion therapy” sessions. Sending your child in the first place is heartless.

8. It Could Have Been Worse

I was lucky. My youth pastor prayed over me and tried to “cast out the demons of perversion” and then kind of left it at that. I knew other kids who weren’t so fortunate.

Yes, this story could have been a lot worse. Sadly, a number of children have committed suicide after being forced to attend “conversion therapy” sessions.