Whatever You Do, Don’t Mix These 15 Home Products Together

fotorcreatedIt’s common sense that many household products should mix well together to form another, extra powerful concoction. Want to combat an upset stomach? Lemon-lime soda and crackers. Need something that packs a bit more of a punch to clean that nasty sink? Bathroom cleaner and bleach. The possible combinations seem endless!


Of course, you could always accidentally create a toxic gas that kills you.

A lot of household products actually shouldn’t be mixed together for various reasons. We put them all down below so that next time you need a quick and dirty solution to a problem, you don’t accidentally make things worse.

Which one was the most surprising “no-no” combo to you? Let us know at the end!

15. Ammonia and Bleach

001-15-ammonia-and-bleach-a52594ca6b03fee46db8ab0dd6ce9fefOk, this sounds stupid, right? Why would two products that can, combined, kill a whole lot of bacteria, not mix well? This particular combination produces what’s called chloramine vapors, which is, simply put a mixture of chlorine and ammonia. This one packs an even bigger punch though – literally – as these vapors can potentially become explosive. No thanks!

14. Medicine and Grapefruit Juice

002-14-medicine-and-grapefruit-juice-25a24f95cee339a85c71ebfb273d09e2So, this one is pretty interesting. Grapefruit juice can jump start your body into quickly absorbing the medicine you take, which means that the potential for overdose increases. This means that the concentration of the medication within your bloodstream is greater, which can lead to dangerous consequences. This one is pretty scary, if you ask us!

13. Vinegar and Bleach

003-13-vinegar-and-bleach-93c0b94215cf2fcb6d0c6809ee8f7389Here we go with the cleaning products again, and again with the toxic vapors that no one wants to breathe in. Believe it or not, mixing vinegar and bleach can actually produce chlorine gas, which is about as dangerous as it sounds. You might accomplish your original goal of killing all of the germs that ever existed, but you might compromise your respiratory system at the same time. Worth it?

12. Red Bull and Milk

004-12-red-bull-and-milk-c4333efe7798cda01d56e84774f07dd5My first question here is, who in their right mind would even think of mixing Red Bull with milk? I’m really not even sure that this is relevant, but just in case any of you out there were thinking of spicing up your morning glass of milk, don’t. The addition of Red Bull will cause your milk to curdle – though if you wanted to mix Red Bull with milk in the first place, maybe you won’t mind.