What Happened After The Bear Stepped In A Trap Will Shock You

FeaturedBearIn a world where we’re losing animal species forever so often, it’s extra heartbreaking to hear about an animal that’s hunted for human luxuries. That’s the case for one brown bear whose story could be heartbreaking. Luckily, there are still plenty of good humans in the world that give us hope for the future of our beloved endangered animals. Not only is it important that we work hard towards taking care of our animals, but it’s important to make people actually care about it as well. Click through to learn about what happened when one brown bear got stuck in a hunter’s vicious bear trap.

#18 A Brown Bear Was Just Going About His Day

001--18-a-brown-bear-was-just-going-about-hi-0aada917bcc472b4ac0b2a039c91d5e5One day, an innocent brown bear was walking through the forest near the village of Kosovo’s Municipality of Suhareka. It was like any other afternoon until the bear stepped on a trap that would change his life forever. Before he knew it, he was trapped and unable to move. It only got worse as the bear tried to break free…

#17 Who Knows How Long He’ll Last

002--17-who-knows-how-long-he-ll-last-53188d55998e164d00654bb752b4b2bfThe incident happened just this June of 2016. As the bear struggles to break free from his entrapment, the contraption only digs deeper into his leg. An innocent wildlife animal like the large brown bear doesn’t know what’s going on when something like this happens. But lucky for the bear, he might have a chance of surviving.

#16 The Bear Is One Of Many Victims

003--16-the-bear-is-one-of-many-victims-91a9e383108d56ab24e9ce4d08f5e207Recent hunting in the area has caused the brown bear’s numbers to dramatically decrease. The brown bear is not yet considered an endangered animal, but massive hunting like this is one way that species are commonly wiped off the face of the Earth. Many do not know this but the bear is also still a protected species in Serbia.

#15 Bear Hunting Is Still Illegal

004--15-bear-hunting-is-still-illegal-9ea9473be0cac10c606042096ee57525Although the species is not considered endangered, bear hunting was still outlawed by the government in 2002. However, bears like this are still considered useful and profitable, so hunting of them continues. They sell all the parts of the animal to various companies, so a large beast like this is very valuable. But the hunters might not get what they set the trap for, as a different future lays ahead for the bear.

#14 The Trap Was Intended For The Bear

005--14-the-trap-was-intended-for-the-bear-009b5f8ad7bb2b3b56e6ad8d9fb51716Hunting of other animals isn’t outlawed in Serbia, but it was pretty clear that a trap like this was intended for the brown bear. From the picture you can see that it is a type of trap, that is commonly used for bear hunting. It’s a wire trap tied to a tree close by that tightens around the bear and causes it to dig deeper as the bear tries to free itself.