Wet Cats Have 22 Wonderful Looks

6- Struggling with Soap
Struggles With Soap

now this is a rare sight. This cat looks calm, despite being drenched with soap and water. Cats that are trained would not fear water as much as cats that are not. He doesn’t look like he has a slight care in the world for his wetness.

7- Grumpy Cat

funny-wet-cats-7Grumpy cat alert! Did the bath make him grumpy or was he always grumpy? Either way these wet cats do not seem to enjoy it at all. This one must have struggled before being dragged into the sink. This bath being his last option to be wet.

8- Black Buddy was Caught
The Black Buddy is Wet

this wet pussy cat seems willing. It doesn’t exactly look calm, but it doesn’t seem to have struggled either. Regardless, that slightly droopy eyes must mean it tried to run but failed. Sorry black buddy.

9- No Mercy but Wet
Wet by Choice?

awwww this kitten must have meowed for mercy before being bathed. Those confused eyes should tell you how it dislike the water. Cats that recently enter your homes should receive a bath before it is allowed to roam your house.

10- Shampoo or Soap?
Shampoo or Soap, This is No Fun

Being wet and foamy like that made him look like an old man forced to bathe. These kinds of cats are usually loud and do not like to be among wet cats. Even this cat here opened its mouth a bit, probably complaining about the cold bath.