The Weirdest Things That Have Ever Randomly Fallen From The Sky

Luckily for us, the phrase “raining cats and dogs” didn’t originate after a downpour of felines and canines. The phrase actually arose because dead animals would wash up in the streets after a massive storm and give the impression that it had rained the animals.

If we did create phrases connected to what has fallen from the sky, we might be saying it’s “raining frozen airplane pee” or maybe it’s “raining blood and hay” all of which have plunged to Earth at one time or another.

If you find those difficult to imagine, try wrapping your brain around some of the unusual items on this list.

10. Star Jelly

A strange jelly-like substance landed on the ground in Scotland in 2009. Scientific analysis proved the material was the undigested reproductive systems of frogs.

The amphibian innards fell from the sky when birds, who had eaten the local frogs, disgorged the unwanted morsels, sending them spiraling to Earth.

Not as exciting as real alien star jelly, but way up there on the gross scale.

9. Fish

In 2010, hundreds of spangled perch fell on the remote Austrailian town of Lajamanu. The fish were all flapping when they hit the ground, meaning they had flown through the air while they were still alive.

Meteorologists said it is not unusual for a tornado to suck up water, and the fish living in it, depositing its load on a town located miles away.

8. A Shark

In October 2012, a two-foot long leopard shark landed on the 12th tee of a golf course in California.

The course marshal found the beast and drove it back to the clubhouse in the back of a golf cart. When it was noticed that the shark was still alive, golfers put it in some water, and an employee drove 5 miles to drop the shark back in the ocean.

From the puncture wounds on its back, it was thought a large predatory bird had dropped the shark.

Read on because here are even more animals to come.

7. Money

Money falling from the sky may seem like a pipe dream, but this happened in 1975 over Chicago, Illinois.

Dollar bills rained down on the population and the finally tally of notes people owned up to collecting came to $588. Today there is still no credible explanation for this event.

6. A Cow

In 1975, the crew of a Japanese fishing vessel was arrested and imprisoned when they claimed a cow had fallen from the sky and sunk their boat.

They were released two weeks after a Russian airman admitted one of his aircrew had bought a cow onboard their plane. The cow panicked, and to save the airplane the Russians dropped to a lower altitude and threw the cow out of the plane.

The cow, in this case, ended up at the bottom of the ocean, unlike the meat at number 2.