These Weird Trail Camera Photos Showcase Bizarre Animal Behavior

Trail cameras cost anywhere between $100 and $1,000, and this collection of photos proves that they can be a useful form of entertainment. Hunters use trail cameras to scout paths and forests before hunting, while wildlife enthusiasts use them to spot and document critters without spooking them.


As we’ve known for all time, animals can get up to some pretty weird stuff—for example, have you ever owned a pet? Enough said. There’s mostly the same type of strangeness outdoors, just with larger animals and more space for them to roam. Read on to see these cute and sometimes creepy shots!



12. Lurking From Behind

This one is pretty freaking creepy. The hunter pictured wasn’t aware of the cougar behind him, or else he wouldn’t have posed for this photo with his kill. It’s hard to tell whether the mountain lion is more interested in the man or the massive dead animal!

11. This Sideways Deer

Here’s a group of white-tail deer out at night. It looks like the deer at left may have been startled by the camera’s flash and tripped over its own feet. Young deer are known for their wobbly knees, but not so much adult deer, who can run at speeds of up to 48 miles per hour.

10. A Startled Bear

This might be a black bear or a brown bear—it’s hard to tell. The black bear is less aggressive and more tolerant of people. Bears are generally the most aggressive when they’re startled, though, which explains why this guy turned around after the trail camera flash fired.

9. Raccoon On A Boar

Just another normal night in nature. Here’s a raccoon riding a wild boar. These boars are known for being aggressive and they can be found everywhere from Africa to Asia and North America. It’s definitely a little strange for this massive pig to allow this raccoon to hang on—he may have booted the little guy off shortly after this photo was taken.

8. Three’s Company

Here’s a young coyote hauling off a squirrel while a curious opossum looks on. For the coyote, the kill was part of a standard night out; the opossum was surely interested because of its scavenger instincts. These creatures will raid anything from a garbage can to a dumpster in search of food scraps.