These Weird, Hilarious Shots Of Celebrities Are Everything

featured-imageIf you’re looking for proof that it’s okay to be weird, look no further than these celebrities caught on camera at rather strange moments. Some of them are just generally getting down and expressing themselves, you know? Others were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. All of it just makes them seem much more real.


Plenty of these stars champion the message that you should be yourself in the first place—Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj, especially—so their goofy moments seem even more authentic.

Read on for photos of our favorite stars looking silly.


14. George Clooney

001-14-george-clooney-4520ef87c8eff9b5a05a7d2507ba206aMore like “Jurj Clooners.” Born in 1961, this American actor and filmmaker has won three Golden Globe Awards and two Academy Awards for his work. In 2006, People Magazine named him the Sexiest Man Alive.

He’s known for making funny faces at interviews, though. Don’t believe it? Just ask Google.

13. Selena’s Eyes

002-13-selena-s-eyes-5551f919a3707fa2c0728170b877f179Selena Gomez was on location for an interview with DJ Elvis Duran in New York City when he presented her with this tree of over two dozen cupcakes.

Gomez has shared her love of desserts in photos posted with Taylor Swift. As of November 2016, Gomez is the most-followed Instagram user in the world.

12. Sofía Vergara

003-12-sofi-a-vergara-0802e5c443a93d08dd790f0b66dbacfcHere’s Sofía Vergara making a weird face… and still looking relatively attractive. Vergara rose to prominence in the late 1990s, when she co-hosted two TV shows for Spanish-language network Univisión.

In 2012, 2013, and 2016, she was the top-earning actress on U.S. television.

11. Jim Carrey In A One-Piece

004-11-jim-carrey-in-a-one-piece-360bfcffb860f866e43da50c9528ea43Here’s famous actor and comedian Jim Carrey wearing a chic swimsuit.

Back in 2008—right after Borat was released—he tried on then-girlfriend Jenny McCarthy’s bathing suit and they took a long walk along the beach.

There’s just nothing wrong with this photo. It’s Jim Carrey, after all, and he’s showing less skin than Borat.

10. Betty White

005-10-betty-white-5be3aa2200fd77ebd1ee11d6c980c747Oh hell yes. Here’s 94-year-old actress, author, comedian, and general badass Betty White. This 2010 photo shows White at the opening of Pink’s Hot Dogs in Universal City.

White is known for her Emmy Award-winning roles on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Golden Girls.