Weird And Creepy Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards

8. On Your Knees

We’re even surprised this inappropriate Valentine’s day card even existed. We all know what this mischievous guy wants. Even for today’s standard, this card is inappropriate for the first date. Girls, you better run away fast when someone hands you this card.

7. Bad Pirate

We all know that pirates are sinister people. Well, most of them, if they do exist. So if ever you cross paths with one during Valentine’s day, better run for your life. You wouldn’t want to spend your Valentine’s day locked inside a pirate’s ship.

6. Do Things

Well, there’s no need to explain this card. Whether before or now, this card is definitely inappropriate. Now we know what this guy’s plans for Valentine’s day. But this lady doesn’t seem to mind at all.

5. Ashes To Ashes

Did this guy just murder a woman? He seems unhappy with his relationship so he disposed of her. Even this puppy is cautious getting near this guy. These cards look innocent but when you look closely it’s 50 shades darker.

4. Suicidal 

We get it that sunk rhymes with skunk, but this is way too dark for a Valentine’s day card. Whoever thought of this one must be having some relationship problems and is feeling depressed.