Weird And Creepy Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards

They say romance is dead but, judging by these vintage cards it could be a good thing. Have you ever shot at your partner for forgetting to give you a card on Valentine’s Day?


Well, they might have done you a favor. Especially if it was one of these weird and creepy vintage Valentine’s day cards. Let’s be thankful they have enough common sense and didn’t choose to celebrate their love for you with one of these disastrous vintage cards.

Presumably, our ancestors showed their feelings with questionably cute animals and creepy-looking children, as well as a load of terrible puns and slightly disturbing messages.

Thank god they don’t make these Valentine’s day card like they used to. The love notes they wrote in the early 20th century were much more romantic and interesting than the cookie-cutter pop culture cards lovers give today. In fact, some of them were deliciously strange. Let’s take a look back at the past of printed love.

12. Juice Me

We’re not sure if this card is advertising a juicer for Valentine’s day or has a different meaning altogether? Yes, we love our refreshing lemonades but we think this vintage card wants to juice something else. Just hope that the father of your valentine won’t see this or else you’ll be the one juiced up.

11. Wandering Eyes

Hugging may be romantic, but this guy has got his eyes somewhere else. His Valentine is looking at him lovingly in the eye, but he has his eye on other parts of her body. They may look innocent, but there’s nothing innocent about this guy. The message is even more disturbing. This looks like a crime waiting to happen.

10. Headache

The creators of these vintage cards are kinda violent, don’t you think? If this existed today, it would probably be considered as a death threat. How primitive and barbaric is this? Fred Flinstone would probably appreciate this but for us, it’s just plain weird and creepy.

9. Dead Horse

These young lad and lady looks very prim and proper but we wonder why you need to pull out a dead horse’s heart just to show your affection? They don’t look like cannibals in any way but we don’t know what the creator was thinking when he made this. We’ll pass on the dead horse’s heart. Next!