When Weight Loss Leads To Murder: The Terrifying Story of Heather Palumbo-Jones


Who hasn’t wanted to lose a little weight from time to time? Each year, countless Americans embark on fitness plans in an effort to lighten up, and while few succeed, everyone who gives it a shot should be celebrated! For Heather Palumbo-Jones, though, her weight loss journey turned from fairy tale to murder mystery almost overnight! How? What did she do to bring on her gruesome demise?

Keep reading to learn about the strange story of a Tennessee family and the crime that sent a small town into chaos. Just a warning… slide 2 may have you sleeping with one eye open tonight!


#12 Heather Palumbo

001-12-heather-palumbo-719483Heather Palumbo-Jones was a thriving kindergarten teacher in Germantown, Tennessee. She and her husband Chris had two beautiful children, one boy and one girl, and she was thrilled about the positive changes she was making in her life… For Heather, life couldn’t have been better — except for one little thing.