The Wedding Photographer Wasn’t Expecting To Capture This

#4 This Whale Is So Happy With ThemA whale of a good time at this wedding

Apparently, if you want to have a really happy wedding guest attend your nuptials you should invite a whale. Okay so maybe the logistics are not in your favor for that request, but look at how happy this little guy is to be watching this couple wed.

#3 This Guy Looks Really GuiltyAccidental Wedding Photobomb

We have so many questions. First, how did this guy not realize he was about to accidentally photobomb a wedding. Second, why in the world was he wearing those shorts with that long-sleeve shirt. I do appreciate that the entire wedding party managed to stay posed and ready for the real picture to be taken.

#2 He’s Either Drunk Or Just Really WeirdSibling rivalry at the wedding

Hey look, it’s that drunk guy we all invite to our weddings even though we know he’ll be drunk before the reception even starts and will make a complete fool out of himself before dinner is served. Just remember that when you invite this type of person to your wedding you are going to need to babysit them quite a bit.

#1 Jan We Already Told You That You Weren’t InvitedNobody invited you Jan - Wedding Photo Fail

Did someone forget to invite her? I feel like this girl was stalking the bride or the groom for a long period of time and she believes that showing up at the wedding will make them reveal their real feelings towards her. She will then run off into the night with the love of her life. Creepy but also incredibly funny.

So there you have it, 20 hilarious photo fails and strange wedding events that will be remembered for a very long time by everyone who attended the ceremony and reception. If you are about to get married be sure to find these moments on your special night and you will surely be talking about them for a long time to come.

And we couldn’t let you go before sharing one last wall of shame photo summing up the very best of the best:

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