The Wedding Photographer Wasn’t Expecting To Capture This

#8 How To Get Married In The SouthThe drunken bride - Wedding photos

Forget an open bar, this bride chose an open keg and she seems hellbent on drinking the entire thing on her own. I think we’re most impressed that she managed to keep her dress from falling over her head while performing this keg stand. We don’t want to be stereotypical but this feels like a southern wedding.

#7 Boys Never Grow Up. I Really Hope That’s The GroomBoys will be boys - Wedding fail

Given the look on the bride’s face we have to assume that her new husband is the one making the face in the background. Boys will be boys, even when they are the one getting married. Another perfect example of why having fun at a wedding will great the best memories for the long-run. There’s definitely nothing boring about this photo.

#6 And Yet Another Kid Being Wedding GoofyKids are hilarious at weddings

This kid almost seems like he has no idea a wedding is happening right behind him. The bride, groom, and priest don’t seem to mind that this kid has officially lost all of his patience for the wedding. Such an adorable moment that will be cherished for a very long time.

#5 This Guy Is Never Getting DivorcedMarried till death do you part

Till death do you part takes on a whole new meaning in this photo. This is DEFINITELY a southern wedding photo. Notice that there are no guys in this photo. Not because it was the bridesmaids, but rather because they were all cowering in a corner of a dark room somewhere far away from these women.