The Wedding Photographer Wasn’t Expecting To Capture This

A wedding where nothing goes wrong or a seriously funny moment isn’t shared among the wedding party is a boring wedding in our opinion.

Your wedding should be a time when you create some memories that last for the rest of your life. If you can manage to find one really funny, crazy, or weird story to share with your friends and family members for years to come — your night was a success.

These 20 wedding photos probably were not what the wedding photographer was expecting to take, but they turned out with hilarious results.

#20 We’re Not Sure Who Is Happier Here

A funny wedding on a beach


We’re not sure if this bride and groom know the guy in the photobomb or not. What is most impressive though is that the newly wed couple are so in love that they never take their eyes off of each other. This is just one of the many dangers that are associated with having your wedding on a public beach.

#19 Siblings Are The Worst and Best
Crazy friend at a wedding

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the girl behind the bride is either her sister or a very close college roommate. Their connection is just way too close for a general friendship. One of the most fun times at a wedding is when you’re guests don’t act uptight and really let loose. Your wedding should be a time to celebrate your life and the fun you want to have moving forward.

#18 Teaching Them How To Do It Before Night Falls
Dogs showing them how to do it on wedding night

Excuse me newlywed couple but we just wanted to show you what you’ll probably be doing after the wedding reception tonight. I feel like the bride is attempting to flee this awkward scene. At least her loving groom has grabbed the back of her wedding train to keep it from staining on the grass.

#17 Kids At Weddings Are The Best
Kids at a wedding

Special occasion? Kids don’t care. They are just trying to be goofy and figure out why mom and dad put them in a suit or bulky dress and then made them sit around for a while before watching two people kiss and walk down an aisle. Weddings that don’t allow children are always missing out on the most adorable part of the celebration.

#16 PDA to the Extreme. Get a Room People.
Not in public people - Wedding photo fail

I think someone forgot to tell this guy that you remove that during the reception. This couple might not even make it to their own party. I’m not even sure that the person with the camera and the duffle bag is part of the wedding party’s photography team. It is fun to see the reactions of strangers as they pass by.

#15 How To Ruin An Amazing Wedding Photo In One Second
The worst wedding photo timing ever

This is the exact type of hilarious moment that will last a lifetime we will always remember. The look on this guys face and the photographer capturing him as he tried to get out of frame is hilarious. A ruined wedding photo? Absolutely not. We do question, however, why he didn’t realize the photo was about to be taken.

#14 Don’t Schedule Your Wedding On Training Day
Training Day on the beach during a wedding

There’s no way this couple could have known that a military group would be involved in training on the same day they were getting married. As we stated before, this is why a public wedding on a beach or other public location has its risks. At the same time, talk about a truly unique wedding photo! I would honestly be okay if this happened to me. In fact, I would have loved to see a video.

#13 This Has To Be The Most High-Tech Wedding Photobomb of All-Time
The high tech wedding fail photobom

When it comes to photobombing this guy has a high-tech solution that makes him the master of photobombs. Look closely and you’ll notice that he is giving a big thumbs up to the camera. He also seems to be wearing a nice outfit so this was likely the jokester of the wedding party.

#12 Slippin’ On The Dock of The Bay…Wedding Photos - Dock Sinking

10 minutes after this dock broke the bride and groom got married. This photo is a popular one that has spread around the internet like wildfire. The moral of the story is that shoving a ton of people on a boat dock is a very bad idea. This isn’t the first time this has happened at a wedding and it probably won’t be the last.

#11 Keep It Classy Ladies
The bridesmaid butt grab

Tip number one about attending a wedding: Remember that the camera is always watching and it is likely to capture your every move. The fact that two bridesmaids are doing this, we have to assume they were given really uncomfortable dresses to wear. At least there’s a funny photo to share for many years to come.

#10 Waldo Was Finally FoundWaldo was finally found - at a wedding

Oh sure, we spent years looking for Waldo and when we finally found him he was photobombing a wedding photo. I feel like this photo is a little creepy, almost like some guy in a Waldo outfit just trolled a bunch of public areas until he found a wedding to sneak up on and then pop out. Now we just have to find Carmen Sandiago.

#9 Their Wedding Lasts Approximately 5 SecondsWrong place at the wrong time - wedding fail

This is one of those perfectly timed photos that need a lot of explanation. Unfortunately, we don’t know what was going on and that leaves us with a wild imagination. We can’t tell if the bride is upset, confused, or ready to break out with laughter. Some people should probably avoid drinking at weddings.

#8 How To Get Married In The SouthThe drunken bride - Wedding photos

Forget an open bar, this bride chose an open keg and she seems hellbent on drinking the entire thing on her own. I think we’re most impressed that she managed to keep her dress from falling over her head while performing this keg stand. We don’t want to be stereotypical but this feels like a southern wedding.

#7 Boys Never Grow Up. I Really Hope That’s The GroomBoys will be boys - Wedding fail

Given the look on the bride’s face we have to assume that her new husband is the one making the face in the background. Boys will be boys, even when they are the one getting married. Another perfect example of why having fun at a wedding will great the best memories for the long-run. There’s definitely nothing boring about this photo.

#6 And Yet Another Kid Being Wedding GoofyKids are hilarious at weddings

This kid almost seems like he has no idea a wedding is happening right behind him. The bride, groom, and priest don’t seem to mind that this kid has officially lost all of his patience for the wedding. Such an adorable moment that will be cherished for a very long time.

#5 This Guy Is Never Getting DivorcedMarried till death do you part

Till death do you part takes on a whole new meaning in this photo. This is DEFINITELY a southern wedding photo. Notice that there are no guys in this photo. Not because it was the bridesmaids, but rather because they were all cowering in a corner of a dark room somewhere far away from these women.

#4 This Whale Is So Happy With ThemA whale of a good time at this wedding

Apparently, if you want to have a really happy wedding guest attend your nuptials you should invite a whale. Okay so maybe the logistics are not in your favor for that request, but look at how happy this little guy is to be watching this couple wed.

#3 This Guy Looks Really GuiltyAccidental Wedding Photobomb

We have so many questions. First, how did this guy not realize he was about to accidentally photobomb a wedding. Second, why in the world was he wearing those shorts with that long-sleeve shirt. I do appreciate that the entire wedding party managed to stay posed and ready for the real picture to be taken.

#2 He’s Either Drunk Or Just Really WeirdSibling rivalry at the wedding

Hey look, it’s that drunk guy we all invite to our weddings even though we know he’ll be drunk before the reception even starts and will make a complete fool out of himself before dinner is served. Just remember that when you invite this type of person to your wedding you are going to need to babysit them quite a bit.

#1 Jan We Already Told You That You Weren’t InvitedNobody invited you Jan - Wedding Photo Fail

Did someone forget to invite her? I feel like this girl was stalking the bride or the groom for a long period of time and she believes that showing up at the wedding will make them reveal their real feelings towards her. She will then run off into the night with the love of her life. Creepy but also incredibly funny.

So there you have it, 20 hilarious photo fails and strange wedding events that will be remembered for a very long time by everyone who attended the ceremony and reception. If you are about to get married be sure to find these moments on your special night and you will surely be talking about them for a long time to come.

And we couldn’t let you go before sharing one last wall of shame photo summing up the very best of the best:

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