Volunteers Prevent A Veteran’s Remains Being Shipped By Fed-Ex

5. Patriots Step In


At this point, the Patriot Guard Riders stepped in. The group honors fallen military heroes, first responders and honorably discharged veterans by attending their funerals and at the request of the family, supplying an honor guard and providing a shield from protesters. The group covers the entire country with State Captains coordinating events.

4. Finally, Some Respect

To prevent Turner from suffering the indignity of making his final journey in the back of a shipping truck, the Patriot Guard Riders coordinated an epic cross-country relay to carry his remains from California and deliver them directly to his mother’s hands in his hometown of College Park, Georgia.

3. A Last Minute Plan

Turner’s Marine family organized and paid for his funeral, and after the PGR had attended the service, they formed an honor guard to accompany his ashes home. This guard was organized in a matter of hours, and in recognition of Turner’s sacrifice, the PGR held a ceremony every time his ashes were handed over to a new group of riders.

2. A Country’s Love

Turner’s remains spent five days going through California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas before arriving in his childhood home. His final journey was over 2,000 miles by motorcycle, and since Turner loved riding his own motorcycle, the escort from the Patriot Guard was extra meaningful, friends said.

1. A Fitting End

At the end of the journey, Turner’s mother, Annie Glanton, had her son’s ashes placed directly into her hands by the last Patriot Guard rider. “It’s heartwarming, to see all these people here.” said Johnathan’s mom “I know that he was loved by a lot of people.”