This Is Us: Things That Might Surprise You About The Ensemble Cast

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ve been missing out on one of television’s brightest new shows. NBC’s new show This Is Us has been the talk of the town during its first season; the drama has been nominated for numerous awards in its short time, including Best New Series – Drama and Best Supporting Actress at the 74th Annual Golden Globes.

But how much do you know about the cast behind this new hit? Though the show features many familiar faces, what are they like when the cameras aren’t rolling?

Click through to catch up on little-known behind-the-scenes trivia from the cast of your new favorite show, starting with its most recognizable star on slide #10.

10. Practice Makes Perfect

With the release of her debut single “Candy” in 1999, Mandy Moore became a rising star in the pop world. Before she dominated the charts, the star got her training at the Stagedoor Manor Performing Arts Camp in New York. Other stars that started out at the summer camp include Bryce Dallas Howard, Robert Downey Jr., and Zach Braff.

9. The DC Connection

Before there was Stephen Amell, actor Justin Hartley took the role of Green Arrow on several episodes of the hit CW show Smallville. Prior to landing the role, the actor starred in the title role of Aquaman. While the pilot episode had a great reaction from critics, the show didn’t get picked up.

8. Yo, Adrian

Actor Milo Ventimiglia had his breakout role as Peter Petrelli in the NBC series Heroes, but there was another major role that he managed to pick up along the way. In 2009, he landed the part of Rocky’s son Robert in the film Rocky Balboa. Sylvester Stallone originally wanted his son Sage to reprise the role from Rocky V, but he turned down the idea. His reason? Sylvester didn’t want to make his son feel as if he was still living in his shadow.

You’ve heard the following star’s voice all over TV a few years ago.

7. Hump Day

While Chris Sullivan has been getting praise for his portrayal of Toby, most people are already familiar with one of the actor’s finest roles. In 2013, he was the voice of the GEICO camel in their Hump Day commercials. Aside from GEICO, the California native landed voice roles in ads for Budweiser and Snickers.

6. Needed Encouragement

Mandy Moore has a history with show creator Dan Fogelman. In 2010, the singer/actress worked with him on the Disney film Tangled, which is the most expensive animated movie ever created. When This Is Us got the green light from the network, he encouraged the Orlando native to try out for the role of Rebecca Pearson.